The Free Plan

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You can use InStream for free, but some features are only available in the Freelancer, Basic, Business, and Premium Plans. The Free Plan is dedicated to has been created for people who begin their business journey and have just a few contacts which require attention.

What The Free Plan contains?

  • 1 users – once you sign up you can’t add coworkers
  • 100 contacts – you can have an unlimited number of contacts (people and companies).
  • 1 personal relation list – personal relation lists enable you to monitor communication with your customers.
  • 1 business relation list – business relation lists enable you to monitor communication with companies and groups of people.
  • Importing data – you can add your contacts to InStream from CSV file

What The Free Plan doesn’t contain?

  • Unlimited number of coworkers – in the Free Plan you can only add one coworker. In the Basic and Business plans there are no limitations of users. See how to add new co-worker. 
  • Unlimited number od contacts – you can have an unlimited number of contacts (people and companies).
  • Reports – are only available in a basic version in the Basic Plan and in an extended version in the Business Plans.
  • Pipe View – this view enables you to change statuses of particular relations by using drag and drop method.
  • Facebook Integration – this feature enables you to download all public posts of particular contact from Facebook.
  • Twitter Integration –  this feature enables you to download all tweets of particular contact from Twitter.
  • LinkedIn Integration –  this feature enables you to download all information about companies.
  • Calendar – you can integrate your account with Google Calendar.
  • Custom fields – you can benefit from a use of custom fields added in the contact detailed view in which you can gather all information about your contacts.
  • Support – in the Free Plan you won’t have access to extended technical support. You will get support in the Basic and Business Plan via email, phone or skype.
  • Unlimited number of integrated mailboxes – in the Basic and Business Plans you can integrate your InStream account with serval mailboxes. See how to integrate your account with a mailbox.
  • Unlimited number of lists – in the Basic and Business Plan you can create as many relation lists as you need. Learn more about monitoring your communication. 
  • 30GB Data Storage – you can upload your files on InStream to easily share them with your coworkers.
  • Importing old emails – you can import all your old emails from connected mailbox.

Do you want to upgrade your Plan? Read more about our pricing plans in Billing section.



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