The Freelancer Plan

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The Freelancer Plan is dedicated to self-employed entrepreneurs or micro-size companies which have to handle basic communication with customers and business partners.

What The Freelancer Plan contains?

  • 1 user – once you sign up you can’t add coworkers
  • 1 email account – you can receive and send emails directly from InStream. In the Free Plan, each user can integrate 1 mailbox with our platform.
  • 1 personal relation list – personal relation lists enable you to monitor communication with your customers.
  • 1 business relation list – business relation lists enable you to monitor communication with companies and groups of people.
  • 1 custom fields – you can benefit from a use of custom fields in which you can gather all information about your contacts.
  • 500 contacts – you can have an unlimited number of contacts (people and companies).
  • Calendar – you can integrate your account with Google Calendar.
  • Facebook Integration – this feature enables you to download all public posts of particular contact from Facebook.
  • Twitter Integration –  this feature enables you to download all tweets of particular contact from Twitter.
  • LinkedIn Integration –  this feature enables you to download all information about companies.
  • Calendar – you can integrate your account with Google Calendar.

What The Freelancer Plan doesn’t contain?

  • Reports – are only available in a basic version in the Basic Plan and in an extended version in the Business Plans.
  • Pipe View – this view enables you to change statuses of particular relations by using drag and drop method.
  • Support – in the Free Plan you won’t have access to extended technical support. You will get support in the Basic and Business Plan via email, phone or skype.
  • Unlimited number of integrated mailboxes – in the Basic and Business Plans you can integrate your InStream account with serval mailboxes. See how to integrate your account with a mailbox.
  • Unlimited number of lists – in the Basic and Business Plan you can create as many relation lists as you need. Learn more about monitoring your communication. 
  • Unlimited number of coworkers – in the Free Plan you can only add one coworker. In the Basic and Business plans there are no limitations of users. See how to add new co-worker. 
  • 30GB Data Storage – you can upload your files on InStream to easily share them with your coworkers.
  • Importing old emails – you can import all your old emails from connected mailbox.

Do you want to upgrade your Plan? Read more about our pricing plans in Billing section.

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