VAT Information

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We charge VAT according to the international law.

  • 0{f1ed5c9cd4b04a6868824bd368f06f1c80a0746490fb0e170609a78c5004c467} for all companies (except companies incorporated in Poland),
  • 23{f1ed5c9cd4b04a6868824bd368f06f1c80a0746490fb0e170609a78c5004c467} for all companies incorporated in Poland

For companies incorporated in EU InStream can only accept intra-Community VAT numbers which are successfully validated by VIES. VIES is a database provided by the EU to validate intra-community VAT numbers.

You can check this database here:

If the VAT number you enter does not validate, it is likely the VAT number you have is not an intra-community one. Please contact the European Commission if you believe this is incorrect.

If you experience any difficulty with entering a validated VAT number, please contact us via the chat window on this page or at

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