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In InStream you can gather all your data about different personal and business relations. The system has more than 30 ready-to-use fields, which you can configure and add to your lists.

The Custom Fields:

  • Text – text field, you can enter any type of characters
  • Pick List – multiple choice list. You can tick more than one option
  • List – single choice list. You can only tick one option
  • Number – numeric field. You can use it as currency, numerical or percentage field
  • File – field where you can save your files
  • Date – field where you can set up the particular date. You chose what date it will be.

The Intelligent Fields:

  • Next Follow-Up – shows the setup data for the next follow-up for selected relation
  • Last Meeting Date – shows last meeting date with a client
  • Last Meeting – shows with who the last meeting was
  • Last Communication – shows form of the last communication
  • Last Communication Date – shows when was the last communication
  • Days in current status – field, which is automatically after you change the status of relation. Useful in guarding the terms of your sales funnel
  • Inactive (days) – shows for how many days this relation wasn’t active
  • Author of last communication – author of the last communication within the relation
  • Creator – person who created the process

The Person Fields:

  • Phone Number – contact phone number (used in particular relations)
  • E-mail Address – contact e-mail address (used in particular relations)
  • Any Custom Field – any additionally created field on the contact detail view.

The Company Fields:

  • VATIN – companyTAX number
  • Address – company address
  • Phone Number – company phone number
  • Any Custom Fields –  any additionally created field on the company detail view

From Other List

you can add to your list any field which you have created on the other list in order to share information within your company. In order to do that select field you want to add from “other fields”.

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