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You will be able to better manage your sales funnel with the use of the statuses. Each list has basic statuses which can be freely adjusted to your needs.

There are two types of statuses:

Active – when the relation has any active type of status, system monitors communication and users behavior within that relation.

Inactive – when the relation has any inactive type of status it means that this relation is archived and the system no longer monitoring communication neither user activity within that relation.

Notice: If you receive e-mail from person who hasn’t any active relation with you, this mail will be stored in new messages (home view)

Step 1: Open the relation list

Open the relation list. Next, click on the “Status” heading of the column and choose edit to add new active and inactive statuses.


Click on the “Status” heading of the column

Step 2: Click on the “Status” you want to edit

Click on the particular status next to the contact you want to edit. Then choose the new status.


Choose the new status


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