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You can’t delete contacts from InStream. Additionally, you can archive contacts which you don’t want to see on your list. You can always see the archived contacts by clicking on “See archived contacts“. This option gives you the ability to restore your archived contacts at any minute.

Step 1: Open contacts tab

To archive contact, open the “People” or “Companies” tab.


The “People” tab

Step 2: Select contact you want to delete

Choose the contact(s) you want to delete from the list.


Select contact you want to delete

Step 3: Click the “Delete” button

Click on the “delete” button on the menu above the list. The system will ask you to confirm your decision.


Confirm your decision

If you are sure you want to delete your contact click on the “Yes” button.

Notice that you can’t delete contacts with who you have active relations. You need to archive all the relations with the contact before you will be able to delete it. To archive the relations with the contact open contact detailed view. Then, open the list, in which active relation with that contact appears. Change relation status for inactive. Next, try again to delete the contact.



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