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In InStream you can gather two types of contacts. You can collect data about people and companies related to your business.

In the “People” tab you will find data about any person related to any company . In the “People” tab, you can also filter your list of contacts or search for the particular person. Additionally, you can also create a relation with any person from your list in order to monitor your communication and share this contact with your team. What’s more, you can also follow up contacts with which you have created a relation.


The “People” tab

In InStream you can gather basic and extended data about your contacts. In case of the “People”,  you can collect information like:

  • phone numbers,
  • email addresses,
  • social media accounts,
  • social media activity,
  • job experience,
  • your notes,
  • who is the closest connection to that contact,
  • related companies,
  • belonging to relation list,
  • customized data (skype id, product, www, country, etc.)

The Contact Detailed View

Learn more about collecting data in Contact Detailed View or companies related to your company.

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