Integrate with mailbox

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You can integrate any mailbox with InStream, so you will be able to send and receive emails directly on our platform. You can also connect with many email addresses to have all communication in one place.

Step 1: Go to dashboard

Click on the “connect” button in the mailbox section.


Click on the “connect” button in the mailbox section.

Step 2: Add mailbox


Click on the “add new” button.

Step 3: Choose mailbox


You can choose from 7 different types of automatic integrations. In case your mailbox isn’t listed choose “custom mail” option and integrate it via IMAP address

In some cases, the technology of a server in which a mailbox is stored can cause some difficulties with integration process via IMAP. If you would meet with these obstacles the information about “unknown error”  will appear on your screen. In case of this problem, please contact us on and include the name of your mailbox provider in your email. We will help you.

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