Hot and Cold lead – convert / archive

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In the Pipe View, you can easily convert leads into opportunities or archive them. To archive your lead you just need to move it (using “drag and drop” method) into “cold lead” section on the bottom of the page.

To convert your lead to opportunity follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Move lead (using “drag and drop” method) into the “Hot Lead” section


The “Hot Lead” section

Step 2: Choose the relation list

If you want to convert your lead into opportunity choose this option from the list. Next, set up the status of the relation.


Choose right list and set up the new status

Step 3: Add company details

Type the name of the company. Thanks to the integration with LinkedIn our system will fill other fields automatically.


Enter the company name

Step 4: Assign people to the company

If you want to add more people to this company you can do it now, by typing their names.


Add more people to the company

Step 5: Find your relation on the Opportunity list


The Opportunity list

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