Marketing and sales cooperation

  • I am working on a SaaS company in the sales team and been wondering how we can cooperate with marketing to get more leads. Any ideas anyone?

    Hi Dave,

    first of all, I suggest you to read our ebook in which you can read about the modern pipeline. You will see how we set up sales and marketing cooperation in our company:

    Modern pipeline

    We organize webinars, write ebooks and give our website visitors opportunity to sign up for our newsletter and we cooperate with our sales team in building strong relations with people interested in our materials ;).

    Hi Natalia,

    I’ll read it for sure, thank you. When are you organizing your next webinar? I would like to join it 🙂

    we haven’t set up the date yet, but sign up for our newsletter (it’s on our blog)- we will send you an email about all upcoming webinars 😉

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