How InStream is different from other CRMs?

  • In my past two companies, I was using Zoho and Base CRMs.InStream seems pretty cool, but I am not so sure if I want to learn how the new system works, so would be nice to know its perks.

    What distinguish InStream from Zoho and Base CRMs are lists of relations. You can store on them all threads of the conversations with your business contacts. Therefore, you can keep everything in order and always know from where this person came from or what type of the relation you have with him/her.

    What’s more, in InStream, you can monitor your communication flow with particular contact (person/ company) on one dedicated timeline called the Stream View. That way you are always up to date and won’t miss any important detail.

    Our system is dedicated for people who lead a lot of information with many different business partners and helps to keep everything in order.

    If you need more information please contact us on and we will show you our system with all its perks 😉

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