Introduction to communication

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In InStream you can monitor all communication with your customers and business partners. Our system starts to monitor communication with your contact once you add it to the relation list.

If you have used the CRM systems in the past, you will probably know lists such as:

  •  Leads – people you want to contact
  • Opportunities – people with whom you already have talked and they are interested in
    your offer
  • Deals/ Customers – list of people who have purchased your product or service

However, these three lists are useful for building your pipeline, in InStream we went a step further. We know each business is different and we can’t tar everyone with same brush. So in InStream you can create any relation list according to your needs. If the journalist from the local newspaper has sent you an email, you can add him to InStream and create relation on “Journalists” list. Thanks to that, you can have all communication with all journalists in one place.

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