Description of relations’ lists

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sidebarIn InStream you will find lists such as:

⦁ Personal relations
⦁ Business relations
⦁ Leads
⦁ Opportunities
⦁ Customers
⦁ Help Desk

Personal relations’ list

Here you can gather all relations with people. In one relation you will find all communication with one person.

Business relations’ list

Here you can gather all relations with business organizations and companies. If you communicate with many people from one company while working on a project, here you can find all communication with them. Gather all communication with one company in a business relation.


Here you should keep all people with whom you already have a relation. If you are running an emailing campaign this is a good place to store the communication with people who have written back to you. Here you shouldn’t put all people who received an email from you, because only a few of them will be interested in your offer. There is no need to monitor communication with others.

Sales opportunities

Here you can gather all communication with people who fulfill your qualification criteria like eg. B.A.N.T. Read article about it on our blog.


Here you should keep the communication with people who have purchased your product or service. Due to the immediate access to all communication with your clients, you can easier implement the upselling techniques to your sales processes and increase your chances for next transaction in the future.


List in which you can gather all your clients who need support. Each client, in this list, gets its unique Ticket ID, so that you can better prioritize. You also get the immediate access to all important information such as: how long the particular case has the same status and who was the last point of contact, and what kind of contact it was. What’s more, you can add additional fields according to your specific needs and share this list with whoever you want.

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