Admin and user priviliges

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The first user who moves his contacts to InStream is the admin for the organization. Admin has access to all the content on the platform, can create lists of relations and invite other users to the organization. They will receive emails with links to complete the registration process. Also, an admin has access to advanced settings. In one organization, there may be a few admins because they can share their privileges with other users.

Users can’t create their own lists of relations. Lists are assigned to them by the admin. The admin may, however, share their power to create lists of relations. Then even an ordinary user will be able to create a list of relations, manage them and share with other users.

The major differences between an admin, a user with admin privileges and a user presents the table below.

Abilities Admin User with admin priviliges User
Taking away the admin’s rights from other users yes yes no
Deleting accounts of other users with the admin’s rights yes yes no
Deleting other users accounts yes yes no
Inviting new users to the organization yes yes no
Creating new lists yes yes yes
Adding custom fields in the grid view yes yes yes, but only on the lists the particular user has created
Adding custom fields in the contact detailed view yes yes yes
In case of downgrade deciding which custom fields will be detaled yes yes no
Managing all lists created within one organization yes yes no, user can only manage the lists he created
Access to the organization’s settings yes yes no
Access to pricing yes yes no
Ability to change the pricing plan yes yes no
Access to reports yes yes yes
Access to the settings of reports yes yes no

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